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More Ways to Donate

Sponsor a Family

Change the life of an entire family by donating a gift of R 100,000.

The cost covers the average annual housing cost for a safe living space located in a security estate. Each home is assessed beforehand and is fitted with basic amenities inducing running water,  electricity, and where possible, internet access.

To sponsor a family’s home for a year, click here to learn more.

Donate via EFT or Bank/Wire Transfer

To donate via bank or wire transfer, please use the following banking details. For international payments, please include the SWIFT code.

Account Name: Iviwe Hope Foundation PBO NPC
Account Number: 10013011289
Branch Code: 580105

Donate Supplies or Services

If you’d like to donate products or services to the Iviwe Hope Foundation, please get in touch by emailing us or using the form on our contact page.

We’re always looking for items to furnish homes and support the children, or services that help the process of moving and setting up, such as books, stationery, education or learning materials, furniture, laptops, transport and moving services, internet subscriptions, telephone line setup etc.

Donate Via Snapscan

To donate via SnapScan, open the SnapScan app on your phone and click the camera icon to scan the barcode. Next, set the amount you’d like to donate and click Pay.

Need a Tax Certificate?

Donations to the Iviwe Hope Foundation qualify for a tax certificate.
If you require a tax certificate, please email

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Donate to the Iviwe Hope Foundation?

There are numerous ways to donate on the website, also in different currencies. If you are unsure or in any way concerned about using the methods set out on the website, please send us a message through the contact page, we will then make contact and we can discuss how you can contribute.

Where does the money I donate go?

All funds are pooled together and will be used where most needed. The first priority is to ensure the current projects have enough funds for at least a 3-year runway.

These are people that are housed, the last thing we would want is to run out of money and then having people without housing, we have to therefore be responsible with the funds we have.

Once a project is safely funded, new projects are then added.

Can I sponsor an entire family?

Yes you can! You can donate through the website, if you have any specific requirements or are wanting more information on the needs of the families, please make contact with us.

Can I nominate someone or a family?

Yes, you can do this through our contact section. Once contact is made we send you a list of information required which will assist us with the assessment.

Can I volunteer?

Yes. This organisation runs completely from volunteer time and efforts. Please make contact with us and we can discuss where and how you can get involved.

I need a tax certificate. Where do I get one?

At the end of each tax year, each donor will receive a tax certificate for the amounts donated within the specific tax year. The certificate will be sent through to the email address filled out when the donation was made. If you have not received such a certificate, please contact us and we will get back to you.

With Your Contribution…

♥ Families are relocated and their worlds are changed

♥ The children of these families can sleep safely at night

♥ The family are given a foundation from which they can grab onto new opportunities

♥ Adults can find new jobs and better themselves so they can become self-sustaining

♥ A family has hope and a future to look forward to

Have Another Question?

Contact the Iviwe Hope Foundation by filling in the form on our contact page or emailing