Children Should Play, Laugh and Have Fun.

They shouldn't fear violent crime or worry about safety... especially when they're at home.

The Iviwe Hope Foundation is a non-profit organisation that brings new housing opportunities to underprivileged families with children in South Africa.

Our goal is to provide as many families as possible with homes in safe environments so that the children of these families can live without the threat of crime traumatising their minds and destroying their childhoods.

Our Mission

The Iviwe Hope Foundation aims to provide safe and high-security housing for families with children so that young individuals can grow up in safe areas without the threat of physical attacks, home invasions, robberies or other violent crimes.

Our Vision

To see all children of South Africa grow up in safe, comfortable and happy homes, not once ever encountering crime.

Our Why

Living in South Africa is dangerous. Crime is a constant worry and all citizens have to be on high alert at all times. Some areas in the country are more dangerous than others, and in these areas, children are more readily exposed to violent crime, home invasions and threats of physical abuse.

We refuse to accept a world where children are stripped of their childhoods, where their joy, innocence and sense of wonder are robbed and replaced by anxiety and fear.

We believe that children should be free to play, laugh, explore and create, and, as much as possible, should never have to worry about crime. A safer living environment means a stronger chance at a normal childhood. If we can give this to even one child, we’ll have changed a life.

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Our How

Most organisations focus on meeting the needs of people living in dangerous areas, but few aim to remove the families from the environment entirely.

Our goal is to create a real, lasting and sustainable change.

Our project works by moving vulnerable families with children out of dangerous areas and setting them up in secure home in a safe environment. Once the family is established, we work with them to become self-sustaining over a period up to five years.

During this period, the Iviwe Hope Foundation covers the rental cost of the house or apartment for the family. By giving a family respite from the largest recurring living expense, the adults are able to secure long-term employment or develop further skills, while the children can live life in a safe home free from the threat of crime.

Meet The Team

We’re a group of friends-turned-family who believe that each child should live a life where they sleep easily at night, play freely during the day and fill the rooms of their home with laughter.

Renaldo Jacobs


Renaldo Is a finance executive and a dedicated father and husband, based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Since having children a new world has opened up to him. Getting to understand how vulnerable and precious each child is has stirred within him a passion and a newly found life mission to help as many of these little humans, and their families, as possible.

Marie-Louise Koen


Marie-Louise is a Cape Town-based artist and interior designer. She is also the co–founder of Gallery Eleven, a contemporary gallery which curates and highlights emerging artists across South Africa.

Nicole Smith


Nicole is a dedicated educator and passionate advocate for creating a positive and inclusive environment for the youth. Nicole brings her expertise and years of experience to empower the next generation.

Lisa-Robyn Keown


Lisa-Robyn is a copywriter, brand strategist and web designer. She creates impactful brand identities and online presences for value-centered brands in the wellness, entrepreneurship,  personal development and NGO space.

Help us in our efforts to change the lives of as many children as possible. Donate to the Iviwe Hope Foundation and be the reason why another child keeps their childhood intact.